We specialize in the repair of trucks and semi-trailers of all brands

We are able to repair vehicles of any manufacturer, there is practically no truck or semi-trailer for us that we would not repair.

Our specialized team of employees is able to repair and solve any problem. We perform each service professionally, on time and in accordance with the previously agreed cost estimate.


We will fix any fault

We have modern tools that allow us to repair vehicles quickly and reliably.


Range of services

vehicle service

i.e. changing the oil in the engine, gearbox, bridges and reducers. Replacement of fuel, oil, air filters, dryer and ad-blue. On request, we will replace the fluid in the radiator and check the suspension.

current repairs

such as: replacement of pads, replacement of suspension cushions, brake cylinders, gluing of tarpaulins, replacement of tires and any repairs requiring welding, e.g. repair or replacement of floors in dump trucks

complicated repairs

such as: regeneration of axle shafts, seals of final drives, repair of bridges, clutch replacement, regeneration of fifth wheel in a truck tractor, replacement of brake discs, replacement of steering rods, repair of pneumatics, regeneration of steering gears

engine and gearbox overhaul

vehicle diagnostics and electrics

sheet metal and paint repairs

aluminum welding

and anything that needs fixing!

Our motto

"Impossible things we fix immediately, and for miracles you have to wait!"

Workshop mission

We are helpful and advise clients on how to repair at the lowest possible cost.

We work with commitment, guided by the motto: Better to wear out than to rust!

Vehicles are repaired in a thoughtful way, we creatively solve problems.

We create a great company and actively improve it with our own ideas.

We modernize and improve our workstations so that repairs can be carried out quickly and professionally.

We are aware that customers have rolling stock that needs to be repaired quickly and professionally.



We provide a guarantee for each repair and if such a situation occurs, we repair it immediately with a smile on our face.
We solve problems, not create them!

Partnership with

From 1st of March 2023, we are pleased to present our dynamic and fruitful cooperation with the renowned AllTrucks service network.

This partnership is an expression of our commitment to providing the highest quality services to the automotive industry, as well as our drive for continuous improvement and innovation.

Cooperation with AllTrucks is not only a strategic choice for us, but also a focus on meeting the needs of our customers in the field of servicing and repairing trucks. Thanks to this cooperation, our customers gain access to a wide range of maintenance services, high-quality spare parts and experienced technical staff.

AllTrucks workshop network

AllTrucks is a leader in the field of truck repair and service

It enjoys recognition on the market for its professionalism, comprehensive range of services and advanced technical solutions. Partnership with AllTrucks allows us to use their extensive experience and knowledge to provide our customers with services at the highest level.

Our Common Goals

Our common goals are based on ensuring full customer satisfaction through effective diagnosis, precise repairs and timely delivery of vehicles for use. Cooperation with AllTrucks enables us to support each other in achieving these goals and to constantly improve the quality of our services.

Benefits For Customers

Customers using our services can enjoy:

  • Full access to advanced technologies and know-how of AllTrucks.
  • Professional repairs and fast and effective service.
  • Guarantee of quality and precise diagnosis of problems.
  • A wide range of services, from routine inspections to complex repairs.
  • Efficient use of time thanks to efficient service processes.