We carry out deliveries throughout Europe

  • We permanently cooperate with clients from Italy, Germany and Poland
  • We carry out express orders ordered in urgent mode
  • The crew works on modern programs that are closely related to transport
  • We service road construction


Always ready to go on a trip

We have Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Man truck tractors as well as Krone semi-trailers.

The international rolling stock is in the Mega version. This is characterized by a greater loading height of the semi-trailer.

All vehicles in the company meet the Euro 5 and Euro 6 ecology standards. The driver's cabs are large and spacious, which provide the driver with comfortable work and rest.

The vehicles are equipped with safe travel systems that monitor the driver's work.


Tow truck

We provide services with a single-axle tow truck adapted to transport tractor units.

In the event of a breakdown of a truck tractor that is unable to continue its journey, the Kampo team takes a spare truck tractor on a tow truck, arrives at the breakdown site and replaces the tractor. The driver can continue the journey and safely deliver the goods to their destination.

Our greatest advantage is the immediate reaction and departure to the place of failure within an hour. We provide services with a new fleet with professional service of our drivers.


  • Total length - 11770 mm
  • Total width - 2550 mm
  • Height to the floor from the ground above the saddle - 1200 mm
  • Platform height in the middle part - 265 mm
  • The height of the platform in the recess - 190 mm
  • Height under the saddle - 950 mm
  • Permissible total weight - 22000 kg
  • Curb weight - 6200 kg
  • Permissible axle load - 1×10000 kg
  • Rear bumper extendable by 1200 mm

Dump trucks and excavators

Dump trucks and excavators equipped with all-wheel drive will reach places that are inaccessible for other vehicles.

Equipped with appropriate tires and qualified drivers, they will build a road in the most inaccessible places in Europe.